ASU Technology First Global Projection Wearable - Cast One Product Briefing

2016-01-7 09:30

Beijing Time January 7, 2016,ASU Technology Held its new product briefing at Las Vegas, US. Introduced the first projection wearable product – ASU Cast One. This is the world first projection wearable device, using the world's smallest laser projector module, through new R&D technology and design, to achieve a break through in wearable products.

As the market's first projection wearable products, ASU Tech gives Wearable device a "screen" through projection technology. This “screen” can be displayed on back of the hand, desk, wall and floor,the “screen” size range from 2 inches minimum and 60 inches maximum, provides a resolution of 1280*600 pixels, supports up to 720P video playback. Cast One equipped with the world's smallest optical module, which is different from traditional DLP projector, DLP projector has disadvantages of slow start, heated fast and requires manual focus. But Cast One uses a laser projector with a quick start fast heat dissipation and autofocus.

Also, Laser projector has solved the bulky problem that the traditional DLP projector has. Cast One is in the form similar to Smart Watch, the difference is the plate is a sapphire touch screen that’s up ports multi-finger touch. The projection is from the right side of the Cast, the best projection distance is between1.5cm to 2m, can achieve 5-15 lumens of brightness, the effect is equivalent to100 lumens DLP projection products and supports automatic correction projection graphics. ADI gesture recognition technology support with in the range of the projected image 20 cm gestures operating experience exceeds the current market many wearable products. Cast One uses Qualcomm's quad-core APQ8026 processor speeds up to 1.2GHz, supported by 768MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM; U OS running on Android 5.1 operating system, the depth of customization, support multi-thematic dial and personalized display settings.

Currently, Cast One network function can be achieved via Wi-Fi or connect to the phone. Although it is impossible to achieve in dependent communication, but it is still supported by connecting the phone to answer phone calls, or view information or push notifications mobile terminal, to a certain extent, can liberate the user's hands

Similarly with the connection to the phone, it supports dual interactive operation that is performed on the mobile phone users, such as watching videos, look at pictures, text editing or gaming, you can share with friends.

ASU Cast One has more use cases than other wearable products. Based on the "screen" in the form of projected output, Cast One can achieve 2-60 inches of projection, Therefore, Cast One can be utilized in any use cases through near mode, desk mode and far mode.

Cast One under near mode allows you to view the time and weather, it has a gravity sensor and gyroscope, screen auto light upon the back of the hand when lift the wrist and projected time, support multiple dial designs. In addition, users can check text and IM, such as Wechat by voice control. Most common use case under near mode is fitness, currently ASU Cast One does not support GPS real-time tracking, sports mode mobile phone use still need to monitor and collect motion data, and the data needs to be transmitted up from the mobile phone, in order to carry out the sync and share, or at ASU Cast One data view real-time motion data. It is worth mentioning UI design movement is very beautiful, ready to move with you to let users get the feeling of companionship during exercise.

For indoor use cases, Cast One plays the role of a home theater and an alarm clock. It supports local video and watch online video, the largest projected to reach 60-inch screen still with 720P resolution, compatible to TV, more portable when compared to the Tablet PC products, of course, It has a larger screen, suitable for sharing among family members, and it comes with sound, access and mobile phone sin the case of identical sound amplifier, and also supports Bluetooth speakers connected via Bluetooth. Watch the video is a huge challenge for the battery life, Cast One has solved that problem by connect to a Home Dock, other than support the Cast, the Dock can also serve as a power bank to provide addition battery.

Another use case is the alarm clock. When you wake up by a voice(or auto-sensing) can awake Cast One, it can be projected out of time, weather conditions, etc. on the ceiling, and will push unread notification to the user, all those can be done without a phone.

In the office use case, Cast One can provide desk top projection and wall projection. For business people, carry around a laptop can be hectic. Cast One Support Office software, the user can use it to demonstrate; or share the picture, in the form of video for business propaganda. Meanwhile, with wireless network, the user can process their mail at the desktop. Even in the conference room, it still has an advantage over DLP projectors fast start-up and auto-focus functions, to prepare for the conference which is obviously a very good product.

Customized mode has very interesting use cases. Cast One HUD navigation support, multi-user participation in immersive gaming experience, dynamic tattoos, body lights dance diverse scalability features, of course, there are many more use cases are under developing.

To summarize, Compared to other wearable device, Cast One has a richer application use cases, will probably help increase consumer usage, unlike other products, to avoid high consumer churn rate as problems arise.

ASU Technology was incorporated in March of 2015, focuses on smart wearable products, a total investment of40 million RMB was founded at the angel round, currently our the company has about 50 team members, over 90% of the team are R&D.

The founder team, has a wealth of multinational technology companies, domestic well-known technology companies and Internet companies work experience.

Products division is mainly responsible for product definition and supply chain management and control. Hardware sector is mainly responsible for the development and iterative upgrade hardware. The new product category means new manufacturing process; software sector is mainly responsible for the development of the operating system and platform maintenance. Cast One runs on Android 5.1operating system, the depth of customization for wearable product, this is different than others. Heads of the three technical departments are from Motorola, Sony and other advanced international technology companies, with more than 15 years of industry experience.

As a new category of wearable products, Cast One will greatly affect the current wearable market. According to statistics, in 2015 China wearable market size has reached 12.6 billion RMB, is expected in 2016 will reach 20 billion RMB. The Wearable market needs more innovative products, Cast One will undoubtedly be an important part of that innovation.